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Ever had the experience of getting your feet trodden on by your horse? If you have, you will have it fresh in your mind about just how excruciating it was for you. Getting your feet trodden upon by clumsy equine prancers is an occupational hazard with horse breeding and riding. In a lot of other areas of enterprise where feet are at more risk than usual, steel toed boots have become the norm. This is not yet the case in the world of horses.

However, a lot of horse riding boot manufacturers have begun to produce models with steel toes in recognition of the importance of toe protection.

I am sure you will not debate the essential common sense behind steel toed riding boots. It takes only a micro-flash of time to develop a very painful injury when a horse treads on your foot. It takes no more time to actually get fractured toes. If horses are part of your life, it does not matter whether you look after them or ride them: you want to protect your toes. If you are trying to control your horse while doing a St. Vitus dance on some crushed toes, you are going to find it extremely difficult, not to mention potentially dangerous. You are most probably going to be spending some days in bed, and possibly a lot of days out of the saddle. If your toes are actually broken, just walking around on terra firma may be a huge effort; forget riding horses for the time being. If your living is made from riding horses, you lose out on work time and income. You also stand the risk of long term complications. Broken toes can turn arthritic as the years go by, and could be extremely painful in winter.

If you have decided on wearing steel-toed footwear when you are around your horses, then you should also decide to get a pair of boots that is specifically made for horse related activities. Steel toed horse riding boots differ from other steel toe capped boots, like those used in mines. While these differences are obvious, if you wear boots for riding and other yard work, your best choice is still steel toed horse riding boots. They are designed and tested specifically to stand up to the pressure a horse’s tromp can generate. These boots are made to stand up to pressure even on soft soil, which is not the case with traditional steel toed shoes. What this signifies is that the sole won’t rend if you get trodden on by a horse.

All said and done, people are waking up to the need to protect their toes around horses. Don’t lose any time, go get your protection if you have not got it already. That way, you can laugh it off without having to fake lack of pain the next time a horse’s hoof stamps down you your toes.

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